General trivia about selank medicine

Selank is drug that has been developed by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. it is also considered as the synthetic analogue of immunomodulatory peptide tuftsin. It have many of its effects similar to immunomodulatory peptide. Selank can be said that it relates to a peptile drug called semax. The enzyms that are responsible for degradation of enkephalins are found in the peptile drug semax.

Selank are popular for producing anti-depression effects and have successfully tested to produce the same in animals like rats and cats.

Test results

The medicine is test and proven to provide nootropic and anxiolytic effects in animal models as tested in various experiments.

Comparison of Selank medicine with other anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines

Faster Action Selank has been a proven a faster working drug from the other medicines for the same purpose.

Effective results Selank medicine provides effective results with low degree of risk as compared to the other medicine for the same purpose.

No side effects Selank medicine have no side effect provided that taken in prescribed quantity only. Some medicines causes some side effects like reduced appetite, vomiting and etc but there is nothing like that with selank.

Cost less Selank relatively cost less than the other medicines when compared. Selank cost less than the medicine which falls under its performance parameter that surely is no burden in your budget.

Long term effect Selank can help you recover from the problems like depression, anxiety, mood swings that will help you perform better in your daily life in long term aspects. Selank can be taken freely without worrying about getting addicted of this drug. Once your doctor makes sure that it is safe know to quit the medicine, you can feel free to quit.

Some disadvantage

This medicine is intended to cure anxiety and depression problem as it has successfully been tested on animals. But the test on human model are still in development and the discovery related to risk involved in this medicine is still work in progress. Therefore, taking this medicine involves risk to some extent but the available dose of this drug in market is relatively safe for limited purpose.

Our advice to the population out there who are suffering from depression and anxiety is that if you want to try this product, take proper prescription from the certified doctor.